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How An Attorney Can Help You with Social Security Disability

Many people have a difficult time being approved for Social Security Disability, especially during their first attempt. Subsequent denials can be particularly discouraging, and many claimants give up because of the demoralization.

However, if you feel you rightly deserve this compensation, it’s important not to let a denial break your spirits. You worked hard for the right to access these benefits, and it’s important you see the fight through, especially when you’re in no condition to work.

This is an instance where your livelihood and future depend on getting approval. Retaining the services of the right attorney can help you receive your Social Security Disability.

Obtaining Your Disability

If you’ve been denied your right to disability, the right attorney can help secure this compensation. When you are denied during your initial application, it’s important that you obtain these services before reapplying.

A lawyer will act on your behalf and help you prove your medical condition. They will develop evidence to show the board and prove that you’re in no shape to work.

How Is Proof Provided?

You’ll need to sign a release that allows your attorney access to your medical records. The attorney will know which files and information to obtain that are pertinent to your case.

Certain evidence exists within your medical records that are considered good and bad. Attorneys will judge which records will provide benefits and which ones aren’t needed.

Additionally, your attorney will decide which doctors to get statements from regarding your case. These are all important elements for providing proof of your condition.


Your attorney will help you prepare for the hearing by going over some common questions that are directed at applicants during the interview process. Some of the questions may include the following:

  • Describe your symptoms as specifically as you can.
  • Do you currently see a primary care physician for your condition?
  • Do you currently work?
  • What different treatments have you tried pertaining to your condition?
  • Do you have an issue with drugs or alcohol?
  • Are you covered by health insurance?
  • Have you ever been arrested, and why?

Receiving advice from your attorney regarding how to properly answer these questions is one of the most important benefits you will receive.

If you’re in a position that requires you to fight for your Social Security Disability benefits, you should employ the services of a quality attorney. This could be the smartest decision you can make, and significantly increases your odds of receiving compensation.

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