Brain Injury

Understanding the Most Common Causes of Brain Injury

Brain injury, also called traumatic brain injury or TBI, happens more frequently than people realize. It can happen from any kind of external impact or penetrating injury, causing the brain to twist or shift in place or change its chemical makeup, which results in symptoms like headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, and disorientation. 

The two biggest causes of brain injury are falls and motor vehicle accidents. These can lead to serious disability or even death. Some people experience mild brain injuries, or concussions, that only require monitoring and usually resolve on their own. Others have a more severe injury that takes more medical attention and recovery time. 

The most common causes of brain injury include:

  • Falls: When someone falls out of bed, off a ladder, downstairs, or even in the bath, they can hit their head and cause serious damage. This is more common in older adults and young children but may also affect anyone with balance and coordination issues. 
  • Vehicle Accidents: Accidents that involve cars, bikes, motorcycles, and other vehicles cause brain injuries every single day. Some are more severe than others, depending on the circumstances of the accident. If a helmet is not worn in a motorcycle accident, it could lead to serious brain injuries or even death. 
  • Violence: Gunshot wounds, domestic violence, and domestic abuse are all common causes of brain injuries. Shaken baby syndrome is one of the most common causes of brain injury and death in infants. 
  • Sports Injuries: Many sports players get concussions and head hits on a regular basis. Some are less severe than others, but they can become serious and life-threatening if not properly addressed and treated. Most sports-related injuries are minor and heal quickly. 
  • Combat Injuries and Explosions: For military personnel and those in law enforcement or emergency services, explosions and combat injuries could be responsible for brain injuries. 

More important than the cause of the brain injury is getting the proper treatment. If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury at the hands of someone else, reach out to Grewer Law Group. An attorney will review the details of your case and help you determine whether you have one worth filing. These injuries can create huge medical bills and change people’s lives permanently, and the right people need to be held accountable for that. 

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