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Do You Really Need an Attorney if You Want an Injury Settlement?

Unfortunately, you were recently injured. We are very sorry to hear that. Do you have all the resources you could possibly need to begin the healing process and feel all the way better? If not, then you may need to at least give some consideration to getting some compensation for your injury. The party who was responsible for your injury may be willing to offer some type of settlement, but they also may deny any wrongdoing. So, what should you do? You should reach out to us.

An Attorney is Essential for a Proper Injury Settlement

Assuming there is enough evidence of your injury to convict the party responsible of leading to your injury, you will likely get a settlement offer from them or their insurance company. The number may even sound like a good amount of money to help you. However, if they are offering you a good settlement, it should lead you to think.

Insurance companies hire people to save them money called an adjuster. It is this person’s job to offer as little of a settlement as they can. The more money this person saves the company, the better. They will calculate what your recovery should cost and guess on the ongoing costs. Then, you will get a small fraction of their estimate.

If you have an attorney, especially one with experience with injury settlements, you can get a much larger sum. Attorneys know that these professionals are out to save their company as much as they possibly can. We recognize that their offer is only a small portion of what they believe your recovery will cost. So, we can argue with them to get a settlement that is going to help you recover today and stay functional and healthy for years to come.

Contact Us for Help with Your Injury Settlement

Never consider the first settlement offer to be the best. If your injuries were substantial, your settlement should be, too. Never go into court alone. You could be losing out on a lot of money. Contact us today and let us help you get the injury settlement you deserve. The attorneys here at Grewer Law Group, PC are ready to fight on your behalf. Call us now!

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