If you have a loved one living in a senior care community, be sure you are adding a visit as a part of your summer plans. The warm months this season can be especially dangerous for seniors living in care facilities, and popping in for an unexpected visit can give you the chance to see if they are safe and sound.

Care facilities throughout the country can suffer from short staffing all year long, but summertime vacation plans can leave many facilities without leadership and direct care staff to provide adequate care for each resident. Here are a few potential warning signs that your loved one could be living neglected during this dangerous season.

Frequent Urinary Tract Infections

Summer months mean an increased risk of dehydration for seniors. Exceptional senior care facilities will increase their hydration efforts during this season, as dehydrated seniors are more prone to infections that can cause acute confusion and even increased risk of falling. If your loved one is getting frequent urinary tract infections, or UTIs, this could be a red flag that can point to potential neglect. This only increases if your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia, as memory loss can make seniors even more vulnerable to dehydration.

Frequent Falls

Falling can be catastrophic for seniors during any season and can lead to emergency room visits or unplanned hospitalizations. However, the summer heat and extra outdoor activity can increase fatigue and the risk of falling. Without proper supervision, seniors can overdo it and become exhausted. If your loved one is falling often this season, it could be a sign of neglect.


Seniors living with some type of dementia are more likely to wander, or walk without purpose. This wandering can happen inside or outside in contained areas, like a garden. However, if a senior is allowed to wander without intervention for too long, they can become dehydrated, exhausted, and at risk for complications. If you notice your loved one wandering without staff intervention during your visit, it could be time to schedule a care plan meeting to discuss the issue.

If you are curious about your loved one’s care or are worried they could be neglected or abused at their senior care community, call the experienced team at Grewer Law. We know this can be a scary or uncertain time, and we have the medical and law background to advocate for your loved one. Our team will work with you to develop a plan that has your loved one’s safety and quality of life at the center. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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