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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

If your loved one is in a senior living community, like assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, you may wonder what exactly happens when you are not there visiting. While many senior living communities are excellent providers of care, there is still a very real risk of neglect when it comes to seniors living in residential facilities. Here are some warning signs that could indicate neglect or abuse.

Unexplained bruises, wounds, or skin tears
When a caregiver or nurse notices a new wound, they are required to investigate it. If your loved one is receiving many new bruises or skin tears without a known cause, it could be a red flag for abuse or neglect.

Your loved one is nonverbal
A risk factor for abuse or neglect can include seniors who are noncommunicative. If your loved one struggles to express themselves, they will not be able to tell you if something is wrong, which makes them at a higher risk for neglect.

Your loved one is confused
Seniors living with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia can become significantly confused. This disorientation can put them at higher risk for neglect and abuse.

Loss of mobility
If your loved one has decreased strength or endurance over a short period of time, of if they have lost mobility, that could indicate neglect.

Poor hygiene
When you visit your loved one, does she look good? She should be showered and clean, dressed in clean clothes, and have her hair brushed. Looking disheveled could indicate neglect.

Your loved one tells you
If your loved one tells you a story of abuse or neglect, take it seriously. Sometimes, family members hear a story and assume the senior is confused or is trying to make them feel guilty for their senior living home placement. Resist these urges and instead talk to the Director of Nursing about the situation immediately.

Your instinct is telling you something
If you feel in your gut that abuse or neglect could be happening, trust it. Visit more often, pay close attention to how other residents in the community look, and watch how caregivers interact with the seniors in their care.

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, give us a call. The team at Grewer Law has extensive experience working with families who are concerned about senior care. In fact, our attorney began his career as a nursing home Administrator. He knows the facts and regulations inside out and is ready to advocate for your loved one. Call us today!

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