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Words You Never Want to Speak Without an Attorney Following a Personal Injury

The unexpected happens and you wind up hurt. Perhaps it was a motor vehicle accident, or maybe you slipped and fell. The first thing that goes through your mind is your pain, but many people also talk to try and assess the situation. What you say in these first few moments carries a lot of weight should you need to go to court for your injuries. It is best to make sure you have an idea of what is safe to say, and things that should never be said, just to be on the safe side.

Being Careful What You Say is Essential

Right after an accident, especially an automobile accident, many people utter the words “I’m sorry” before finding out if the other party is alright. This is true for both those who caused the accident, and those who were the victim. Saying this phrase can make it appear that you are at-fault later when you go to court. As a way of preserving your rights, we recommend you avoid saying it.

Another phrase to avoid is “I’m fine” following an accident. By saying that you are initially fine, it makes injuries that appear hours, days, or even weeks later harder to believe or prove in court. This should be a phrase you avoid until you get a proper medical evaluation.

Finally, you need to avoid accepting anything verbally or otherwise. By saying “I accept” to anything that is said, it can limit what can happen in court. This goes with the idea of making sure that you never sign anything. Wait until you have proper representation before you even look over any paperwork, let alone sign it.

Grewer Law is Here to Help

Should you ever face a personal injury, speak to the experienced attorneys here at Grewer Law Group P.C. We can help talk you through what to say, what not to say, and how to proceed following any type of injury. By following our guideline, you can feel better more quickly while we take care of representing your rights in court.

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