Vaccine Related Injuries

When Do You Qualify for a Vaccine Injury Case?

Vaccines are essential. They protect public health and prevent serious diseases. However, some people may have adverse reactions to vaccines. If you or someone you know has had a serious injury due to a vaccine, you should work with an attorney to be properly compensated. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a huge part of this. Knowing when you qualify for this kind of case is important to get the support you need.

Recognized the Covered Vaccines

Not every vaccine is covered under the VICP. However, most routine vaccinations for kids and adults in the United States are. These include things like HPV (human papillomavirus), DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and the flu vaccine. You can see a full list of covered vaccines on the VICP website. If you don’t see the vaccine listed, you may not be able to get compensation.

Determine the Injury

Qualifying for a vaccine injury case also means the injury must be listed on the Vaccine Injury Table or proven to be caused by the vaccine. The table shows certain conditions and injuries associated with various vaccines and under which time frame they need to have happened. Some of the most common injuries include Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA), and anaphylaxis. If your injury isn’t on the table, you may qualify but will need to show evidence the injury is linked to the vaccine.

Gather Medical Documentation

Having all possible medication documentation is important to support your claim. This includes medical records from before and after vaccination, documentation of the injury, and expert medical opinions linking the vaccine and injury. Detailed records help you establish a connection between the two things for more likelihood of a successful claim.

Consult with an Attorney

Understanding the VICP and proving a vaccine injury case can be a lot of work. Consulting an experienced attorney is recommended. Your lawyer will gather needed evidence, file the petition, and represent you throughout the entire case. They can also give you an idea of how likely it is for you to succeed.

When you know these factors, you can decide where you qualify for a case and take the right steps for compensation. If you think you may have a vaccine injury, contact Grewer Law. We offer expert legal assistance and representation to handle the complexities of your specific case.

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