Have you been in an accident and have spent more time fighting with insurance companies than healing your body? Are medical problems causing you to spend more time on the phone with your insurance company than recovering? Insurance companies can be infuriatingly frustrating, and you aren’t the only one who is struggling to receive compensation, assistance, or even a friendly voice.

At Grewer Law, we have spent over a decade intervening with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. From automobile accidents to medical complications, our experienced team is ready to get you the compensation you deserve, while also giving you the opportunity to relax and recover from your injuries. We will hold the insurance company accountable – you take care of yourself.

Paying In, But Not Paying Out

One of the top frustrations of people who are in limbo with insurance compensation is the fact that while the person has spent years paying a monthly fee for insurance, it seems impossible to receive the money when they need it. Insurance companies can seem very good at getting your money, as well as very good at keeping your money. Our lead attorney, Jack Grewer, has experience working with insurance companies and can talk the talk to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Paperwork and More Paperwork

Insurance companies often bank on customers simply quitting due to the never ending paperwork, repeals, and other obstacles between you and your compensation. If you find yourself constantly calling the insurance company to revise a decision, you can become frustrated quickly. Often times, arbitration is the only way to bypass one more repeal and one more piece of paperwork. Allow the team at Grewer Law to work on your behalf, cutting through the red tape and getting you the monetary support you need.

Don’t spend another minute on hold with your insurance company or filling out another repeal form. You should be focusing on your personal health and recovery, not navigating insurance frustrations. Give us a call to set up a consultation; we want to hear more about your situation and develop a plan to help you sooner than later.

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