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The Role a Jury Plays in Your Case

There are many pieces to the puzzle of any case that goes to court. Certainly, the plaintiff, defendant, lawyers, and judge are crucial to justice. However, the most important part of a case that goes to trial is the jury.

The jury ultimately makes the final decision on the case, deciding where fault lies and what compensation, if any, is due to the defendant in civil cases. This group of men and women who sit in the courtroom hear both lawyers argue the case and advocate for their clients, eventually working together to come to a decision.

The outcome of your case depends on this jury, which is why it is imperative that you choose a lawyer with extensive experience in selecting a jury as well as communicating with a jury. After all, it is your lawyer who will be making your case and convincing a jury of the facts to give you the best outcome and compensation.

In Illinois, however, there is another aspect that your lawyer needs to think about when it comes to the jury. In civil cases, Illinois only requires a jury of six people, as opposed to the 12 people in a jury for criminal cases. Either attorney, however, can request that the jury be increased to 12 jurors. Defense attorneys often take advantage of this situation. But why?

Defense attorneys know that it can be more difficult to convince a jury of 12 people, as opposed to 6. The increase in jurors automatically doubles that amount of people that lawyers need to convince, making the plaintiff’s lawyer work even harder.

Fortunately, the team at Grewer Law knows the ins and outs of working with juries. We realize that a request for twelve jurors means we have more work to do in order to choose a fair jury and then show them the facts of your case. We don’t shy away from the hard work required to gain a jury’s trust and our clients benefit from our dedication to the justice process.

Are you ready to work with a lawyer that knows how to navigate the litigation system? Give us a call to set up your consultation so that we can get to know you, and your situation, better.

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