Nursing Home Neglect

Attorneys Can Shed Light on Nursing Home Injuries

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nursing home occupants are twice as likely to fall as are older adults living elsewhere. The CDC also states that each year close to 75% of people living in nursing homes fall, often causing serious injuries. This makes falls the most common type of injury among people living in nursing facilities, followed by bedsores, overdoses, and reactions to improper medication. All such injuries can have permanent physical and psychological effects on the victims and may severely impact their quality of life. As a result, after experiencing harm from a nursing home injury, many people file nursing home abuse lawsuits against their facilities.

Dedicated Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help Victims Get Justice

Liability in civil lawsuits about nursing home abuse can be established by showing negligence in regard to one or more of the following areas: supervision of staff; employee hiring practices or inadequate staffing; maintenance of the facility; and equipment choice or upkeep. Nursing homes may be deemed negligent if the victim can establish that (1) the owner or staff members violated a suitable standard of care; (2) the victim’s injury was due to the violation; or (3) actions on the part of the owner or staff resulted in the injury.

Discovery, Complaint Filing, and Settlement or Trial

During the discovery phase of the litigation process, an experienced nursing home abuse attorney can shed light on the victim’s injury by investigating the above-mentioned factors and uncovering all of the details about what led to the event, in order to strengthen the victim’s case. The attorney then files a complaint against the facility or its staff that includes an explanation of how the victim was injured, relevant facts related to the incident, and the names of the individuals involved. Next, if the dispute brought by the victim is not settled out of court, the lawsuit moves on to the trial phase, where both parties present their arguments to a jury or judge and the judging party reaches a verdict.

If you were a victim of nursing home abuse that led to an injury, get in touch with Grewer Law Group, PC today and let us help you get the amount of financial compensation you deserve.

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