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Avoiding Seasonal Risks on the Job

Not many people think about the potential seasonal risks that could affect them on the job. The types of risks, of course, can vary from one job to another. Some risks, though, can have the potential to affect everyone. Let’s look at some of the various types of seasonal risks and how some of them may be avoided.


In the springtime, there is often a substantial amount of rain. The inclement weather can often affect outdoor workers more often, but even those who have indoor jobs can be at risk. The season’s rain could end up causing flooding, increase the risk of slip and fall accidents, increase the risk of vehicular accidents on the way to and from work, etc.


Other types of hazards tend to be present during the summer months. The rain isn’t a factor, but the sun can be. There is an increase in heat-related health issues, which can be worse for those who are working outdoors for all or part of the day. If working indoors and there isn’t any air conditioning or if there isn’t proper ventilation, the heat could cause issues, too. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but it could also cause lower productivity and health problems.


The fall brings with it some other types of risks. There could be an increased amount of rain, and you can be sure that it’s going to get foggy in the evening and the mornings. This can make driving more dangerous. The shorter daylight hours can also increase the risk levels for those who are out on the roads driving for work or going to and from the workplace.


When the cold weather strikes Chicago, it brings along a lot of snow, icy rain, and low temperatures that can cause problems. Again, the roads will be a hazard. Working outside in extreme temperatures can increase risks, as well. Working in a building that doesn’t have proper heating could be dangerous, too. The days are even shorter now, and people tend to be indoors more often. This could even increase the risk of seasonal affective disorder among workers.

Regardless of the season, employers need to make sure they are caring for the health and wellness of their employees. No one should be forced to work in an area that’s not safe, and they shouldn’t have to contend with injuries suffered at work. Those who need help dealing with their employer should get in touch with Grewer Law Group. We are here to guide you through the process of your injury at work.

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