Social Security Disability

How an Attorney Can Help You with Filing Your Social Security Disability

It isn’t mandatory to hire an attorney for the Social Security Disability application process, but it could be a good idea to do so anyway. An attorney can give you a lot of support while you are in the process of filling out your application. This can be more complicated than expected, but knowledge of the law will make things easier. 

The Application Process

It might seem that applying for disability is as simple as signing a few forms. However, it isn’t as easy as you might think. While you work on the initial application, you’ll need to have medical records, loads of paperwork, personal information, and proof that you meet Blue Book criteria.

Making a mistake can happen in an instant and cause you to be ineligible for benefits. With over 50% of applications denied, having an attorney is a good way to increase your chances of making it through and getting what you deserve.

Why Hire an Attorney for Social Security Disability

If you cannot work and bring in income due to a medical condition, it’s important to file for benefits. A disability attorney should be available as you go through the process. Ask for a free consultation to get an idea of whether you are on the right track.

While you can bring in a lawyer at any time, it’s often better to do it early. This can ensure you get the best results from your claim. In addition, attorneys can help you get approved quicker than you might on your own.

When you bring in an attorney before you file, they can give you insight into how strong your claim is. They’ll hunker down and help you access medical documentation and other evidence that you need to be successful. If you’ve been denied in the past, a lawyer is also the best way to move forward.

Reports show that people with attorneys tend to be more likely to get benefits. Lawyers can help you through the entire process, including filing the needed paperwork and moving forward to appeal if you are denied. 

There are many benefits to working with an attorney before you submit your application for Social Security Disability. Their knowledge and experience make it much more likely your claim will be approved. If you need an excellent attorney to help you as you move forward, contact us at Grewer Law. We offer a completely free consultation.

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