When you become a healthcare patient, you are relinquishing control to a trained professional. This vulnerability can make patients exceedingly anxious, and rightfully so. However, patients trust that doctors will do their best to do no harm, and to arrive ready to provide the very best care possible.

Unfortunately, this excellent care and best outcome doesn’t always happen. At Grewer Law, we know that some patients may not even know what to do to get started with a medical malpractice case. Fortunately, our years of experience has given us a few steps to share with you in case you are wondering what to do after a procedure or situation that didn’t go as intended.

Enlist an Advocate
If you suspect medical malpractice, chances are you are recovering from a major medical experience. While your body is healing and recovering, you may not be in the best position to ask questions and pursue any suspicions you may have about malpractice. If you feel like a doctor or medical professional let you down, share your concerns immediately with a trusted friend or family member. While you focus on recovering, your advocate can ask the tough questions and remember details that you may forget.

Write Things Down
Details are especially important in medical malpractice litigation. Keep a notebook near the phone or nearby so that you can jot down details of phone calls, answers to questions, or information gathered during doctor appointments or follow-up care. These cases can be complicated, full of terminology and jargon that you may not understand fully; keep a log of the details so that you can share those with your attorney.

Don’t Wait
Medical malpractice concerns should be addressed as soon as possible. Beyond a specific time frame to avoid statute of limitations issues, your attorney will need time to hear your story and pour over medical files. It is in your best interest to begin the consultation process as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the team at Grewer Law has decades of experience navigating medical malpractice cases. Our time inside of the courtroom, advocating for our clients, gives us an advantage over less skilled attorneys. We are well versed in medical terminology and plans of care, which gives us the opportunity to notice when mistakes were made or when physicians were negligent.

Don’t wait to get started. Call us today to set up your free consultation. We would be honored to provide you counsel that gets you the results you deserve.

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