Summer Season is Construction Season: Staying Safe on the Roads

If you have lived in Chicagoland for any time at all, you have heard the joke about our two-season city. It can certainly seem that traffic is either slow because of winter conditions or because of construction conditions. As we inch into warmer temperatures, we are already well into a season full of road construction.

Road construction can cause more than just a longer commute or frustration. Without the proper precautions and attitude, drivers can be even more susceptible to car accidents. To keep you and your family safe this construction season, here are a few reminders to consider.

Investigate Your Route

Preparing for construction detours and confusion on your commute starts with advance notice. When possible, check on the road conditions of the path to your destination by using the website for the Illinois Department of Transportation. This site is easy to use and can give you the heads up on traffic conditions so that you can plan accordingly.

Slow Down

If you are unable to avoid construction zones during your time on the road, be sure that you are taking extra care while navigating your car to your destination. Lane closures, narrow lanes, and unfinished road surfaces can increase the risk of auto accidents. Be sure that you are taking time to slow down to adapt to these everchanging conditions, even if you have driven through the construction zone multiple times.

While you are in the construction zone, take extra care to follow all instructions from workers or signs. While you should already be driving without looking at your phone, be extra diligent to eliminate distracted driving while cruising through a construction zone.

Finally, be sure to pay close attention to not only your own driving, but also to the other cars on the road. Give extra leeway and clearance to large trucks, construction vehicles, or cars that appear to be driving erratically.

Consider Public Transportation

If you are headed to a destination that is reachable by public transportation, consider skipping your driving duties altogether. We are lucky enough to live in an area that offers multiple public transportation options in the city and suburbs, so be sure to take advantage when you can. Not only can public transportation be a wonderful way to avoid the stress of driving through construction zones, it can also be a way to get extra work or relaxation time into your day.

Know What to Do
Unfortunately, even the most prepared and cautious driver can sometimes find themselves in an accident. Before you hit the road this summer, double check your emergency preparedness plan. Update any insurance information, stock your car with essentials like a bottle of water and cell phone charger, and make sure you have your insurance company on speed dial.

If you have found yourself in a car accident that was caused by someone other than yourself, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. The team at Grewer Law has decades of experience advocating for drivers and getting the best possible outcome. Give us a call to set up a consultation; we want to hear your story and develop a plan together.

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