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If you were hurt during work, you likely are feeling a bit confused on the next steps. After all, you are juggling your employer’s policy and procedure for your accident as well as working with your doctor to recover quickly and in a healthy way. However, you may be overlooking important steps for your workers compensation case. Here are just a few answers to questions we get asked here at Grewer Law; read on to discover what you need to know to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Can I hire any attorney to work with my workers compensation case?
It can be tempting to work with any attorney for your case, especially if you already trust your estate planning or personal attorney. However, it is important to seek out an attorney with extensive experience pursuing workers compensation cases throughout Illinois.

Workers compensation law is constantly changing, and without a background and expertise in this particular field, attorneys can quickly flounder. Experienced workers compensation attorneys, such as the team at Grewer Law, know the regulations and are ready to confidently stand up for clients in the courtroom and in the boardroom.

How do I know if my case is too small to be worth the litigation?
Many people think that their injury is simply too small to pursue, however we strongly disagree. Even the smallest injury can lead to larger problems in the future and without proper compensation, the injured person can end up with major medical bills in the future. Beyond the compensation, it is also important to hold employers responsible for all injuries, even the small ones. Workers compensation claims can often lead to better safety precautions and procedures within the workplace. Your small injury can make a big difference in how your fellow employees practice safety at work.

When should I call an attorney?
As soon as possible. Reaching out to an attorney should happen as quickly as possible; if you are unable to do so, ask a family member or trusted friend to contact an attorney on your behalf while you focus on getting healthy after the initial injury. Here at Grewer Law, we begin working on your case immediately, assuring that we have the proper paperwork and medical documentation in real time, as opposed to trying to hunt it down after the fact. However, if you are in the midst of a workers compensation case within the past year, it isn’t too late to contact us and get your case started.

If you have been hurt on the job, no matter how small, give us a call to tell us more about your situation. We would love to meet you and would be honored to come alongside of you during this time.

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