Vaccine Related Injuries: What to Do Next

Being a parent or caregiver is hard work. You do your best to assure you are giving your child the best chance at life, making sure to keep up with pediatrician appointments and development milestones. You count on your child’s medical doctor and support team to give you sound advice on how to keep your little one healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes the unthinkable happens.

Vaccines are used to keep children and adults healthy, free from major diseases that can cause significant and chronic medical conditions. However, sometimes vaccines can injure children and adults alike. In these cases, mild or severe reactions can result in conditions ranging from paralysis to death. These injuries occur so frequently that the government taxes every vaccine and puts a portion of the money into a fund that is only assessable through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. An attorney familiar with the program is able to help you navigate the programs rules to maximize compensation at no cost to you. The Program provides a mechanism where the Vaccine Attorney applies to the Government for attorney fees. You pay nothing not even a percentage of any award or settlement achieved.

If you or your child has experienced a severe reaction SHORTLY after administration of a vaccine it may be deemed vaccine related. Parents and patients alike need to be aware of this fact, because vaccine injuries commonly go undiagnosed as the injury manifests days after the vaccine administration. If you suspect your child of being a victim of a vaccine related injury, you are faced with major medical decisions quickly. You are consumed with the immediate health and safety of your child, but also are working through emotions that can include anger, sadness, and even guilt. It is impossible to think about receiving compensation for the injury if you are not working with an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf.

The team at Grewer Law has years of experience working with clients who are living in the aftermath of a vaccine related injury. It is our honor to advocate for the best outcome for our clients, assuring they receive the compensation they deserve and need to provide the best healthcare for their injured child.

Vaccine related injuries, whether mild or severe, are important to report and litigate. Not only are you assuring that you receive the compensation you need to care for your child, you are also giving information about the vaccine, and the resulting injury, to the medical field which can help to bring about regulation changes. Your case, while devastating to your family, could literally save the life of someone else.

Vaccine related injuries, and their aftermath, are difficult situations. We are proud to tenderly communicate with our clients while fiercely arguing for their best interests. Give us a call to set up a time to talk about your story; we would be honored to walk alongside of you during this time

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