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Grewer Law Group - Personal Injury Lawyer - Jack E. Grewer, Jr., R.N., Esq.

Jack E. Grewer, Jr., R.N., Esq. was originally trained as a nurse in the United States Army in the 1990s. He returned and provided clinical nursing care at many of the hospitals, nursing homes and home health care agencies in and around places like Chicago, Maywood, Hinsdale, Naperville, and Aurora. Mr. Grewer has held positions as a bedside nurse, Director of Nursing, Director of Clinical Operations and Senior Healthcare Consultant.

After graduating from the Northern Illinois College of Law Mr. Grewer worked with one of the most successful healthcare consulting firms in Illinois whose concentration was on Federal and State licensing and accreditation of hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare companies and ambulatory care centers across the Country. Mr. Grewer’s grasp of the rules that regulate hospitals, integrity, honesty and candor made him a favorite within the hospital management community. He has provided consultation to some of the largest healthcare organizations in America.

Mr. Grewer then worked with one of the most prestigious personal injury law firms in Chicago for years. His primary emphasis was on medical malpractice and participated in countless cases developing complicated theories of liability and assessing personal injury damages that earned millions of dollars. His grasp of law and complicated medical issues has allowed him to understand legal medical aspects that others have not been able to comprehend. Many cases that were refused by other law firms have been revived and rewarded by his efforts.

Grewer Law Group realizes that dealing with the issues of an injury related to the negligence of another is very difficult. Families do not understand why their loved one has been hurt. The wrongdoer will not admit their negligent actions and the insurance companies are uncaring and recalcitrant to say the least.

Practicing personal injury law is the most rewarding endeavor that Mr. Grewer has undertaken. He first entered into nursing because of a deep need to serve others. He still gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction from serving his clients as he once did for his patients. If having a friendly approachable attorney who is knowledgeable and can empathize with your loss is important to you then please contact us for a free consultation.

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