Grewer Law Group - Medical Malpractice
  • Kane County Home Health Nursing Agency NURSE negligently cared for a wound vacuum dressing resulting in a retained sponge and pancreatitis. (Settled)
  • Cook County Cancer Center NURSE negligently provides improper abdominal injection resulting in internal bleeding. When the patient returned with signs and symptoms of shock he was given graham crackers and sent home. (Settled)
  • Federal Court Shaken Baby Syndrome as a result of negligent care at a national Child Care Facility. (In Litigation)
  • Kane County Negligent care of a fractured finger that resulted in the disuse of nearly the entire hand. (In Litigation)
  • Dupage County Home Health Nursing Agency NURSE negligently cared for a 23-year-old young lady who suffers from Shaken Baby Syndrome that resulted in a broken femur and complications associated. (Settled)
  • Federal Court of Claims Child developed an ischemic stroke shortly after a vaccine injections. (Settled)
  • Child badly burned from a piece of burning power line insulation line falling from an above power line. (Settled)
  • Child’s foot badly injured at retail store when a piece of paneling fell from a cash register. (Settled)
  • Child Care Facility negligent supervised child who was playing on a piece of playground equipment that he was too small to be playing on and broke his arm. Within a week after getting his case removed he broke the same arm again on the same piece of playground equipment resulting in multiple surgeries. (Settled)
  •  Dekalb County young man tragically passes away as a result of the intoxicated driver hitting a tree at a high rate of speed. (Settled)
  • Will County a poor swimmer and passenger in a boat drowns because there were no life preservers available contrary to law. (In Litigation)
  • Cook County child developed severe cerebral palsy as a result of poor fetal monitoring. (In Litigation)
  • Cook County child with cerebral palsy develops hip dysplasia as a result of poor monitoring requiring multiple surgeries. (In Litigation)
  • Woman required to undergo multiple surgeries as a result of vaginal mesh implantation. (In Litigation)
  • Kendall County man tears rotator cuff caused by an auto accident requiring surgery. (In Litigation)
  • Kendall County man severely injured when he was hit head on by someone who mismanaged their diabetes medication. (Settled)
  • Kendall County passenger suffers broken ribs and multiple lacerations in auto accident as a result of semi-truck improper lane change. (Settled)
  • Cook County man suffered an exacerbation of his previous neck injury as a result of a semi-truck rear ending his vehicle. (Settled)
  • Kendall County teenager involved in a T-Bone type of crash that caused a fractured talus resulting in the loss of her first string position on her club volleyball team. (Settled)
  • Kendall County lady suffered a fracture talus as a result of being rear-ended. (Settled)
  • Kendall County man and woman suffered back and neck injuries as a result of being rear-ended in a car with an after market bumper. (Settled)
  • Kendall County woman suffered contusions to her legs an knees on an airplane caused by the negligence of a stewardess. (Settled)
  • Kane County boy suffered a dog bite injury while trick or treating on Halloween. (Settled)
  • Kane County man suffered from a degenerative back injury doing manual labor at the same company for over 20 years resulting in back surgery. (Settled)
  • Dupage County woman suffered 3rd degree burns while working for a company that did not have regulators on the steam cleaning equipment. (Settled)
  • Cook County man tears rotator cuff requiring surgery causing him to retire while shutting the rear door to the semi-truck that he was driving. (Settled)
  • Kane County boy who suffered a fractured collar bone due to the bullying of another much larger girl who had a documented history of being a bully. (Settled)
  • Kane County bar and grill continued to serve an intoxicated patron who was threatening patrons instead of removing him from the premises that resulted in a man being badly beaten. (Litigation)

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