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Premises Liability occurs when someone is injured while on the property of another. People get injured on another’s premises on a daily basis. Often these injuries are due to the negligent upkeep of the property management or owners. Property owners, or their managers, have a duty to take steps to ensure that people do not slip and fall or otherwise be injured while on the property.

Slip and fall cases can be very tricky. Thorough investigation of the details is absolutely critical. A fact that seems minor on the surface, such as the length of time a puddle sat on a grocery store floor before an accident occurred, can mean the difference between success and failure.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Many jobs involve going onto other properties and doing work. For example, plumbers frequently work on properties their companies don’t own.

When a person visits a property to perform a work duty and a slip and fall accident occurs, it may be possible to take action against the property owner in a premises liability claim, while also seeking workers’ compensation from your employer.

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