Slips, Falls, and Other Premises Liability

When you visit a grocery store or place of business, or even when you take a stroll on the sidewalks of your neighborhood, you do not expect to slip, trip, or fall. We all put our trust in one another, and in businesses, that we are safe when entering their property. Unfortunately, a mistake or overtly dangerous decision can lead to unsafe conditions which lead to an accident.

When someone, like you or your loved one, is injured on someone else’s property, the team at Grewer Law can pursue justice through premises liability law. Your medical treatment and therapies for back pain caused by your slip on the ice outside of the local bank should be covered by the bank’s insurance. However, establishing premises liability and seeking compensation without an experienced attorney, like the Attorney Grewer, at your side is nearly impossible.

Premises liability cases are varied, and we have seen clients that have been injured in multiple ways. However, we are well versed in premises liability law and ready to make a case for you and help you to get a favorable outcome.
What if you slip, trip, or fall during your time at work? Imagine you are on the clock at your sales job and you are offsite, meeting with a potential client at a coffee shop. While walking into the coffee shop, you slip on the wet floor that was unmarked. Are you entitled to compensation via worker’s compensation or via premises liability through the coffee shop? You might be entitled to both.

If you have been hurt on a property other than your own, give our team a call for a free consultation. We would be honored to hear your story and advocate for your best interests.

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