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Workers’ Compensation cases are thoroughly investigated on the legal and factual basis for each workers’ compensation claim, never relying upon insurance companies to state the issues. A thorough knowledge and understanding of the rights of the injured individual as protected by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides the framework in each individual case assessment.

Following the initial review of each claim, an Application for Adjustment of Claim before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) is filed. The file is worked aggressively to move through the system by securing needed medical records and expert medical testimony, if necessary, to establish a strong case before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. At times it is even necessary to secure expert medical testimony through a deposition. Throughout this process it is important to make certain the insurance company fulfills its legal obligations under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Some claims are disputed by the employer or their insurance company. In these situations as well as non-disputed matters one must continue to identify the legal and factual issues of the case and to gather evidence needed to present the claim before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission in such a manner as to increase the probability that the injured workers’ claim will be successfully resolved.

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