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For many of our clients, they never expected to need a lawyer. In fact, they never expected to injure themselves in the first place. However, each of our clients found themselves hurt in one way or another and desperately looking for someone who would put their needs and their preferences first.

They found themselves in the middle of neverending paperwork, but without the emotional or physical abilities to complete it.

They were frustrated at staying on hold with insurance companies for hours and without getting any answers at the end of their short conversations.

They were new parents, wondering how they were going to make it with a brand new baby who was injured during birth.

They were employees who were hurt at work and now feeling betrayed by a distrustful workers’ compensation system.

They were drivers or passengers hurt in serious car accidents.

They were scared and frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious. They needed an experienced attorney who would advocate for them, but also provide a personal and compassionate touchstone during an otherwise crazy time.

Each one of our clients didn’t expect to be injured or need an attorney, but when the time came, they found us.

The team at Grewer Law offers a unique perspective and experience, rooted in compassion and medical education, that most Chicagoland firms simply cannot offer. We are here to be your sound voice of reason and hope in a traumatizing time of life. We will work our hardest to advocate for you and to keep your needs and interests at the top of every decision or outcome.

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