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The American Justice System cannot restore life, make someone walk again, take away the pain, replace a missing limb or reverse brain damage. The only remedy our justice system knows is to try to make an injury victim whole through financial compensation or money. The purpose of any insurance company is to pay money to make an injured person whole again. Insurance companies are very good at taking money and do everything they can to keep from paying it out. This can even be true in cases where you as a victim did not cause your injury. Insurance companies have skilled professionals fighting to protect their financial interests. You should have a skilled advocate to protect you.

Personal injury claims can involve many different kinds of injuries. These include automobile accidents, doge bite, slip and fall accidents, or defective products. Here are several tips that can prepare you for your claim or lawsuit:

Seek out medical attention immediately. After an injury you should get medical attention as soon as possible. It is important that contemporaneous documentation of your injuries exist. More specifically, how you received the injury, whether it is a new injury or pre-existing injury, how the injury was treated and when you are back to your baseline health or whether you have reached a plateau and will never be fully recovered. Properly addressing your injuries with a medical professional is crucial to your health and your personal injury case. Failing to seek medical attention after your accident can reduce the amount of damages you will be able to recover. As the injured party it will be your responsibility to ‘mitigate your losses’, meaning you must takes steps to prevent causing further injuries or economic losses.

Keep all the records of costs and expenses that relate to your injury. This can include hospital bills, medical diagnosis statements, bills related to property damages, and insurance records. You should also keep records of lost wages if your injury has caused you to miss work. A written account of the injury can also be helpful, especially while the events are still fresh in your memory.

Filing a police report or at least completing a driver’s insurance exchange report helps ensure that records of important information can be used in court if a lawsuit arises. This includes names and contact information of the other parties involved.

Be aware of what you say at the scene of the accident. It may be necessary to communicate with the other parties after an accident. Use discretion when speaking to them. You should never state whose fault the injury was or offer any other information. Avoid making statements that might make the situation more complicated, and avoid conflicts in relation to the event.

Be cautious when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies that try to involve you can make the legal process more complicated for personal injury cases. In most cases it will be necessary to work with an insurance company, so be sure to protect your interests while negotiating with them. Have a lawyer on hand for advice when dealing with these third parties. NEVER give a recorded statement without the advice of an attorney.

NEVER sign forms or documents without understanding them. Do not sign any documents or fill out any forms unless you completely understand how it will affect you. Be especially wary of any contracts asking you to release the other party from liability, or that require you to forfeit your right to a lawsuit.

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