Dog Bite

Would you be surprised to hear more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year? It’s true! Unfortunately, dog attacks and bites happen often and nearly everywhere. Some people are bitten by a strange and unleashed dog while out on their morning run while others are bitten while visiting a friend’s home. No matter when or where you were bitten, you are deserving of payment to cover your medical expenses and any lifestyle or work complications that occurred due to the bite.

The team at Grewer Law has extensive experience working with dog bite victims, and we are not afraid to take homeowner insurance companies to task for the compensation our clients deserve. We are well educated and familiar with the Illinois laws that hold dog owners accountable for their dog’s behavior. Without our assistance, you have an increased risk of not receiving appropriate compensation for your injuries and experience.

If you have been attacked by a dog, seek medical treatment immediately. Try to remember as much about the dog and the location of the attack. These small details can lead to a more thorough investigation. Further, assure you secure the services of Grewer Law as soon as possible. We are able to advocate for our clients no matter when they bring us in, but the sooner we are able to connect with you and begin services, the better we are able to advocate for you and your needs.

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