Kevin McManis

Legal Assistant

Grewer Law Group - Personal Injury Lawyer - Jack E. Grewer, Jr., R.N., Esq.
My name is Kevin McManis and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree, a Masters of Business Administration degree and a Masters of Education with emphasis on instructional technology.

My career was originally centered on banking and education systems, before joining the Grewer Law Group.  I have always tried to help others achieve their goals through interest, motivation and the desire to succeed. My career began with a large Chicago bank where I held many roles including corporate training and mentoring.  I always sought out those that struggled to help achieve success.  It’s easy to help someone who does well, but the source of my gratification was helping those with challenges before them and making them see their success.

From there I entered the education field.  I helped many students that otherwise may never have had a chance to obtain an education achieve their goals.  Many still reach out to me to this day.  Much of it was about helping people believe in themselves and overcoming their fear of failure.

After a while I found myself mentoring those around me to further help reach out to as many people that had obstacles in their way.  Most often the biggest obstacle was themselves and their fear of the unknown.


I continue to do some teaching, because it is so rewarding.  My favorite group to teach has been online classes with members of our military serving abroad.  These men and women are in high stress areas around the world and this gives them a short respite those high stress situations.  The added bonus is that they are also getting a head start on their lives after the military.

A driving force my whole life has always been to protect those who are in a vulnerable place and show them how to find their way back to prosperity, which is exactly what I get to do at the Grewer Law Group.


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